One of the most interesting collaborations we found at Pitti Uomo of January 2015 is the cobranding Pantone Colorwear with Chupa Chups and Mentos.

Now at its third year and sixth collection in a row, Pantone Colorwear, the global apparel licensee of the worldwide renowned color reference brand needs to reinvent the range, season by season, and sure enough collaborations meet the target. Hence, “choose your color” “flavour by color”, and “tasty colors” are the construct on which Pantone and Chupa Chups are presented in this collection.

The flavours of lollipops turn into different colors on the made in Italy t-shirts collection, the Chupa Chups logo is dismantled and zoomed to revive within the Pantone chips. Perfetti Van Melle is the company owning both Chupa Chups and Mentos brand, whose part of the collection Pantone Colorwear follows the same path. Pantone Colorwear-Mentos is based on “the freshmaker” brand concept, using fresh and energizing colors to the same effect, merging the Mentos logo colors and letters with the ones of Pantone, always framed into the chip.

The items will be sold from this September worldwide, through selected retailer and the Pantone Colorwear website.