Omega Ingredients is not your standard fragrance corporate. A client portfolio including some of the world’s best-known blue-chip companies, along with some of the fastest-growing young ventures in the food & beverage sectors, Omega Ingredients specializes in developing immersive and experiential fragrances and flavours, formulating Natural Nut-free Nut flavours, creating innovative flavours for the expanding non-alcoholic beverage market, running workshops on the Chemistry of Cocktails.

Recently, Omega Ingredients founder Steve Pearce raised the bar, launching with an innovative Kickstarter project: Eau de Space. Thanks to his previous experience working with NASA to capture the Smell of Space for a scent exhibition in 2008, Eau de Space is the fragrance which “smells like outer space”.

Notes from astronauts reporting peculiar smells when removing their helmets after spacewalks, allowed Pearce to recreate a fragrance inspired by the bitter and smoky ozone smell, but also recalling gun smoke, seared steak, rum and raspberries.

Sold at 29$ the bottle, this fragrance has a double goal: to help astronauts train before launching in orbit, eliminating any potential surprises, and on a consumer standpoint to increase interest in STEM learning for students through the “experiential education.”