The Q4/2021 edition of Brand Jam’s Halo Licensing Survey is out, and there’s plenty to discover inside. Alongside last quarter’s essential brand innovation news, we’ve launched a brand-new look – and a new manifesto for 2022.

It was four years ago that we began our subscriber-exclusive intelligence service. Over that time, brand campaigns powered by licensed IP have soared from under 1,000 per year to nearly 2,500 – with 2021 building on volumes that exploded after the market shocks of 2020.

Our Q4 report tells the whole story, with links to 650+ campaigns between October and December. View a special preview here.

Last year’s busiest properties each instigated more than 20 brand partnerships during 2021.



While Coca-Cola shot to the top of our chart, a flat response to its ambitious 1971 Unity Collection serves a reminder why brand innovation is not about the numbers: just one reason why quality over quantity dictates the flavour of our Q4/2021 report.

Meanwhile, Space Jam scored a predictable slam dunk, as did Pokémon – with a huge final quarter to close out its 25th Anniversary year.



If you’ve read Halo Licensing Survey before, you definitely need to take another look. With this reboot edition, we are introducing a new, editorial-led format focused on explaining the campaigns, models and trends for industry insiders.

In October, the whole world heard about Balenciaga’s landmark Simpsons collaboration, but Brand Jam’s Halo Licensing Survey looks at the nuance behind the news, and what property owners and their partners need to know.



In addition, our Q4 report gives deep insights into more than 20 other innovative campaigns – as well as links to the full licensing landscape.

Get the jam while it’s fresh. Read the preview copy here, or contact us to activate your subscription.

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