At London’s Brand Licensing Europe, we had the chance of meeting again Philip Colbert, the artist behind The Rodnik Band (you probably remember the surrealistic Chupa Chups x The Rodnik Band fashion show of 2017), now giving life to his Metaverse brainchild project The Lobstars, with a collaboration with another Perfetti Van Melle brand – Mentos. A good occasion to collect his view about Metaverse, the NFTs, fashion and collaborations, under his unique artistic angle.

Brand Jam: Nice to see you again, Philip, again mixing art with branding. Can you please start telling us more about The Lobstars project.

Philip Colbert: As an artist I have been developing the digital dimension of my work over the last few years. This progression naturally led into creating my own Lobster Metaverse: working with Vegas City – one of the largest districts in Decentraland metaverse – I built LOBSTEROPOLIS CITY, the biggest single artist site in Decentraland. I felt then that I needed a community of Lobsters to develop things further. At the same time PFP NFT projects started this exciting New Democratic art movement, so I launched the Lobstars as a series of 7,777 portraits, and also importantly as citizens with ID cards. The Lobstars project was an amazing creative journey, as I really believe this “art for all” concept opened by work up to much wider audience. Also the creative energy to create such a deep and unique body of work, was like making a lifetime amount of portraits in a six month period. I loved the creative intensity of the project, and it was very exciting? when the project sold out to such a positive response.

Brand Jam: It is interesting to see how this digital ecosystem can generate smart activations in the fashion system. What about this project with Mentos? How is it born?

Philip Colbert: After collaborating with Chupa Chups on I stayed in touch with the amazing team at Perfetti Van Melle. I had loved working with them, translating and homaging the amazing history of Chupa with Dali was a project I was so personally excited by. And I had also always loved the Mentos Brand, and felt there could be something exciting to do there. Christine then got in touch about the idea of launching something together for BLE and I couldn’t say no, there just seemed to me a fun synergy there and a chance to do something fresh surprising and irreverent.

Brand Jam: you are often referred as “the Godson of Andy Warhol” in the art scene. How much of pop art do you feel you poured in Mentos x The Lobstars?

Philip Colbert: The Mentos brand is so globally iconic. I love the power of brands that connect with people intimately in everyday life. There is something so poetical and powerful artistically about this, and find it an amazing source of inspiration. The fresh and minty fun energy of Mentos was something I felt really connected with the spirit of Lobstars.

Brand Jam: the catwalk at London Brand Licensing Europe was stunning. What’s next?

Philip Colbert: We are excited to bring the collaboration to market next year. Expect a multimedia pop phenomenon.

Brand Jam: This is the second time you are collaborating with Perfetti Van Melle: you guys must have some solid touchpoints.

Philip Colbert: Yes I love the team there, great people and great energy. Also the stories of their brands are inspiring, and everything including art is entirely defined by story.