Sneakerfreaks blogs are fondly discussing Nike’s imminent launch of a celebrative pair of Nintendo 64Air Max edition.

The twenty-third anniversary of the console is celebrated by Nike with special colours, directly sourced from the console, but there is more that meets the eye. Two “Power” and “Reset” stamps on the tongue are direct references, and the AirMax logo on the heel has been rewritten using the same Nintendo official lettering.

Everything as per the manual of the celebratory collabs, including the fact that the discussion focuses on the alleged non-official nature of the collaboration. The Nintendo logo is nohwere to be seen, and this provides further opportunities for the conversation.

The two partners launched at least two other official collaborations in the recent years, and we all are aware of the legal implications about collaborations under license. So it is difficult to believe in the unofficial nature of this activation, while we believe it is rather a subtle and less obvious creative development of a collaboration, which creates a more desirable product, adding breath of conversation on social networks.