Last week Nike presented “Nikeland”, a virtual world created on Roblox, the virtual gaming platform and game creation developed by Roblox Corporation in 2006, now booming as a space for special narratives for lifestyle brands also.

After Gucci, which used Roblox during the pandemic last year as an alternative to catwalks, Nike is the other global brand entering the gaming “metaverse”, creating its special universe where consumers can live the Nike experience by creating their avatars and wearing the special designed Nike meta-outfits.

Nikeland ambience is inspired by Nike’s real-life headquarters. Intented as a free game for anyone who visit the Roblox platform, Nikeland is a world which allows all avatars to interact and to recreate a “real” life and “real” events.

A place for creating content, connecting, sharing experiences – and mainly compete, in full Nike spirit. Visitors can participate in games such as “Tag”, “The floor is lava”, and “Dodgeball” with their friends but they can also easily design their own mini-games with a special Nikeland tool kit.

You can visit Nikeland by clicking here.