Algorithms and Netflix did not get fully rid of Blockbuster, an icon of 90s and 90s entertainment and retail scene: a very last Blockbuster Video store is still in operation in U.S.A. in Bend, Oregon, finding hard times in sourcing DVDs to rent and sell, but getting momentum on the social scene.

So much so that it is launching an official “The Last Blockbuster Beer” soon on 21st September, a limited edition beer brewed by 10 Barrel Brewing company, owned by giant Anheuser-Busch.

This is how 10 Barrel Brewing invites the fans at the Last Blockbuster Party in an instagram post: “We promise each sip will deliver you back to a time when cracking open that blue and white VHS case was the sound of an epic Saturday evening. To celebrate the beer release, we are throwing a block party at… You guessed it. Blockbuster!”

The Last Blockbuster Beer will be available also in some selected brewpub locations in Oregon, Iowa, Colorado and San Fransicso, California.

All without any permissions, authorizations, license, as there is no longer any Blockbuster corporate structure.