Italian streetwear label Octopus pays tribute to the Evangelion saga with a limited edition 100% Made in Italy collection that combines the sci-fi icons of Evangelion with the tentacular Octopus motif.

“Octopus is everywhere”: the creative vision that drives the brand is to spread its icons everywhere, “from Milan to outer space”, exploiting the value of perseverance and multiplying the energy of those who are part of it, creating products that are, in fact, icons.

Among the many collaborative drops the brand has launched over the years are pop references such as Rick & Morty, Spongebob, Be@rbrick, but also Mantero and Staple. This time, Octopus has chosen Evangelion, one of the most powerful products of the Japanese imagination over the last half century, a saga that has had as much impact as Star Wars in the West.

F.O.M.O. is the name of the game for Octopus x Evangelion. The super-limited edition, two hoodies and two t-shirts, has been released on the occasion of the 3 days of MGW – Milano Games Week from 24th to 26th November, in a dedicated pop-up shop at the event.

A third hoodie will be available in an even more limited edition, available only to the select group of fans who hold the Evangelion x Octopus card.