Olympia Le Tan is one of the most cherished brands among fashionistas worldwide, thanks to its legendary clutches, meticulously handcrafted and inspired by cultural references at every level.

The latest collection, created in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum, lives up to its promise of “artistry in every stitch”.

A collection of clutches inspired by artworks from the V&A’s illustrious archive, it embodies the essence of wearable art and celebrates the stunning work of the eminent 20th century French Art Deco painter and illustrator Maurice Pillard Verneuil.

Expressing the excellence of Olympia Le Tan’s craftsmanship, each piece is the brilliant result of a fusion of heritage, creativity and contemporary style, through the most delicate and intricate embroideries that beautifully depict tapestry-like animal and floral motifs in decoration.

Available online at Olympia Le Tan e-store