Napapijri and Fiorucci are two Italian-born legendary brands which, despite their different DNA, combine their creative styles in a partnership that celebrates freedom, fun and personal expression.

Napapijri x Fiorucci is born from the encounter of the inspiration of colors, shapes and prints with the mood that has written the history of Fiorucci, and on the other hand, the passion for unmistakable outwear, with a reference to the ’90s streetwear of Napapijri.

The collection combines shorts and cropped tops with all-over graphics of the Fiorucci monogram,with jersey pants, hooded sweatshirts, anorak and a series of accessories with the prints of the iconic Fiorucci angels.

The star of this limited edition is the latest reinterpretation of the unisex Napapijri ‘Northfarer’ jacket, which embodies the inspiration of the collection in a casual, light and versatile silhouette.

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