Launched in 2008 by Puig, Paco Rabanne’s One Millions is one of best sellers in the fragrance industry.

After a first criticism for its sexist advertising campaign (isn’t fragrance a ladies’ industry?) Puig launched the women version, Lady Million, featuring the same ultra-luxury golden flash on a dazzling diamond bottle.

Time to play has come now, while Puig introduces 1 MILLION MONOPOLY Collector’s Edition, with both men and women fragrances specially customized with the most famous board game in the world.

Although from a product development standpoint the activity is not unobvious, the communication and promotion side is where Hasbro’s franchise is used at its best.

Consumers are invited online to win fragrances or Paco Rabanne Monopoly board games versions.
The 8 short stories with the adventures of Lady Million Mr Million which are progressively posted during one month on the website are probably the best part of the activation.

In gold, of course.