This September Olympia Le-Tan, the reputed French fashion house, releases its sweetest collection ever: a limited edition of iconic clutches inspired by Perfetti Van Melle’s Chupa Chups, Fruit-tella and Smint brands.

An inner pop approach used since the beginning by the anglo francese designer , capable of transforming the literary universe she loved in small handmade bags, soon became famous also thanks to those who wore them during social events. Tilda Swinton, Chiara Ferragni, Kim Kardashian and Cardi B are just some of the celebrities who have preferred them to the more “classic” it-bags for their refined and intellectual style – let’s just think that most pieces take 300 hours to complete.

The handmade collection offers a numbered limited edition of two types of book clutches featured by the three logos. Each of them is hand embroidered with silk thread and felt. An exclusive inside print lining and the handcrafted nature of the item is what makes it beautifully unique.

As Olympia Le-Tan’s design team puts it: “Welcome to the land of candy! This Chupa Chups Fruit-tella and Smint collection is special because it brings together the oldest and youngest. Now you can try all your favorite flavors without feeling guilty!”

“We adore how Olympia Le-Tan have made a unique artistic interpretation of our brands and have elevated them combining fine craftsmanship with a playful approach into high luxury accessories,” commented Vanessa Grande, Licensing Coordinator at Perfetti Van Melle.

These one of a kind fashion candies can be purchased on Olympia Le-Tan’s website and are shipped worldwide and to prestigious retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Capitol and Net-à-porter.