To celebrate its 160th anniversary, French lifestyle icon Perrier has teamed up with Philippe Starck to launch the new limited edition Perrier + STARCK.

This project is the culmination of a series of partnerships with the world’s most illustrious creative minds, from Takashi Murakami to Raymond Savignac, from Andy Warhol to Salvador Dalí.

World-renowned for his multifaceted genius, Philippe Starck is known for his dedication to the essential: each of his creations aims to improve the lives of as many people as possible. This philosophy has made him a pioneer in the democratic design, from the design of everyday products to ambitious projects in architecture, shipbuilding and aerospace.

In this evolution of art and design, masterfully combining aesthetics and functionality, Starck has interpreted the distinctive and unique shape of the Perrier bottle in this limited edition with boldness and elegance, without betraying its historical form inspired by ancient Indian clubs.

With design elements inspired by Fresnel optical lenses, the thin horizontal stripes sculpted on the glass surface of the Perrier + STARCK bottle create an optical illusion, play with light and offer a visual experience.