Next spring will see the launch of a premium collection of bags, trunks, and backpacks by the French luggage specialist Delsey Paris, in collaboration with the historic car company Peugeot. The launch of the luggage collection will mark Peugeot’s debut in the world of premium travel accessories, a market in which, according to Delsey Paris, one of the leading companies in this sector, Peugeot will be able to develop a big role in the years to come.

The partnership established by the two French brands is indeed focused on the long term, and the collaboration between the two really insists on their common identity. Elegance, ingenuity, sustainability and modernity are combining in the project launched by Delsey and Peugeot, embodying and reflecting the distinctively French style of the two brands in their approach to the world of travel.

More specifically, the premium luggage collection will include a complete variety of four-wheels trunks, hand baggage, travelling bags and working backpacks. Moreover, the collection will present some innovative features, like the antibacterial lined interior completely realized with recycled materials.

Peugeot’s new adventure in the universe of travel accessories and high quality luggage can therefore count on the valuable collaboration of a brand that is a longtime synonymous with creativity and innovation like Delsey Paris, that, as well, will be able to extend their brand thanks to the cooperation with a prestigious company like Peugeot.