A number of companies during Covid19 emergency turned their production lines into health products: fashion and apparel industries were quick to manufacture face masks, and some breweries switched their distilling operations to produce hand sanitiser.

But hand sanitisers have now added a new, unlikely player to their ambassadors: Pornhub.

Pornhub just launched its branded sanitizer to “encourage fans to squirt safely during the pandemic”, an easy double-entendre to raise the bar of communication, but this 70% alcohol-made gel is born to steer clear from genitals, 100% to sanitise hands and fight COVID-19, not only through a healthy sanitation.

All proceeds will in fact finance World Health Organization’s funds for Covid-19, as Pornhub seems to be keen in supporting solidarity.

Recently Pornhub provided first responders in New York City and New York Uniformed Firefighter’s Association with 30.000 surgical masks, plus funded 50.000$ to the European Health organisations to buy face masks, and donated 25.000$ to the Sex Workers Outreach Project, to support sex workers impacted by the pandemic.