Porsche collaborates with Pretty cool Ice cream in a “limited ice cream edition”, in occasion of the ice cream day 2022.

The idea was born from the use of color: the German automotive brand is in fact known for its car customization with a wide range of colors (more than 160) offered to its customers. Pretty Cool Ice cream, a small artisan ice cream manufacturer based in Chicago, has thought, respecting the famous colors of the Porsche models, to launch a limited edition of 5 ice creams with different colors and tastes: from Mint Green, to Macadamia Metallic and Lime Gold Metallic, passing through Strawberry Red and Frozen Berry Metallic.

My uncle, ‘Targa Dan,’ has always had a passion for restoring Porsche cars and has brought over 200 cars back to life over the last 50 years, so I grew up very close to the brand. When Porsche reached out to me to make some custom ice cream inspired by the paint colors, I was thrilled,” said Dana Salls Cree, Owner of Pretty Cool Ice Cream. “Similar to all Porsche sports cars, the ice cream pops are truly a passion project that I couldn’t be more excited to share.”

The “limited edition” will be on shelf until in December and it will be distributed exclusively during Porsche events.

“This has been a fun project and one we hope will evoke a smile, just like the customizable colors available on all of our cars. We genuinely thought there weren’t many things cooler than one of our special colors for your dream Porsche, but this ice cream might just have that beat,” said Ayesha Coker, Vice President of Marketing of Porsche Cars North America. “Pretty Cool Ice Cream has been as meticulous and passionate as we are about getting the color just right – and on top of that they’ve come up with delicious flavors to match. We hope Porsche fans and enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy the ice cream as much as we’ve loved creating it!”