Rado, the Swiss watchmaker, has just launched a new collection in collaboration with Fondation Le Corbusier: the True Thinline Les Couleurs.

Based on vivid and vibrant colours from Le Corbusier’s legendary Architectural Polychromy colour theory, this range is the result of all the expertise Rado have gained during more than 30 years of working with high-tech ceramic.

Le Corbusier’s Architectural Polychromy theory of colour is just one of the achievements he is known for: also known as an artist, architect, master of materials and the ‘Father of Modernism’, Le Corbusier is a legendary name in design.

Created in 1931, Architectural Polychromy was ahead of its time, using 63 colours with architectural significance that are classified in groups of different shades and tones. The palettes are still used widely today by architects and designers – a testament to their enduring appeal and long-lasting relevance.

Rado pays homage to Le Corbusiers launching this nine Architectural Polychromy colours, exclusive to Rado True Thinline collection, each colour manufactured in limited edition of 999 pieces.