Mipel – The Bag Show is an interesting platform to analyze licensing and collaborations’ trends, especially in the latest editions, which has been harmonized in time with the women Milano Fashion Week. A good round up of (the few) fashion designers which stills use licensing as a business model, like Vivienne Westwood, and a container of collaborations-through-licensing altogether is powered by Mipel’s own vision of fashion future trends in the accessories market.

The trends spotted by Mipel speak for themselves: Electro Hype, vibrant and contemporary, Rewind – which reaches the nostalgia of the 20s aesthetics, Smash Up, as the celebration of crossover, and On the Go, a special eye on travel goods.

An homage to Andy Warhol is also a way for Mipel to stay true to the arty general trend.

We also found some gems, like Vivienne Westwood’s contrast between the range falling under her charity program for Africa, and the snobbish and elegant collection known as Anglomania.

A good try in interpreting the brand values, functions and forms of Vespa has given by Br-Ex, licensee for the world famous scooter, and a step beyond the standard solid colours has been token by Vip Flap with an interesting Pantone licensed range.

As interpretation goes, the second capsule collection by Gabs with Fiat500 has also a lot to say in terms of giving a new arty context to vintage imagery.

The eye-catching Paul Frank’s trolleys by Compagnia del Viaggio deserves also a mention.
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