Commenting the 100th edition of Pitti Uomo under a clinical point of view is just impossible: the re-start edition after the pandemic just staged live in Florence from 30th June to 2nd July, in a quite different set from the standard, has been a sort of totem. The 100 thoughts that Pitti organization asked to as many designer, buyers, exhibitors, and collected in a celebrative booklet “People of Pitti”, reveal a general feeling of hope in the future, in a re-birth mood, which was truly tangible at Fortezza da Basso.

Needless to say, collecting branding vibes and detecting collaborations and licensed activation was not an easy task when such a show is cut down to one tenth of exhibitor brands. Sustainability, inclusiveness, and technology were the three areas where many brands seem to invest on: Piquadro was probably the most evident example, but as for technology a newcomer like Alpha Tauri stand out with its state-of-the-art, seamless knitting technology, while Fly3 new brand Matéma is born as a gender free knitwear collection suitable for any gender.

Collaborations cases were also rare. Paul & Shark with White Mountaneering gives the marine brand a new twist, while a co-marketing activity between Armata di Mare and MSC Crociere enhances visibility of both partners in their back-to-normal respective business.

Licensing plays a key role in some of the most brilliant launches. Esercito Italiano, licensed to Officina Italia, unites military to technical in a deep and wide sportswear collection, while Goodyear was showcasing an interesting sneaker project which deserves a deeper look in one of our future posts. MC2St.Barth pleased all Pitti visitors with free Cornetto ice creams, celebrating the launch of “MC2St.Barth loves Algida” collection (Algida is the Italian Unilever’s ice cream brand name, known as Wall’s, Miko, Frigo, Frisko, in other European territories).

The official figures shared by Pitti organisation in their press release- 6,000 people- are not a benchmark of this edition, better explained in its emotional side by “Pitti Unites!”, quoting Massimiliano Ferrari of MC2St.Barth, one of the “People of Pitti” thoughts.

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