At this year’s Brand Licensing Europe, clad in a sky blue lollipop suit, The Rodnik Band presented his first “catwalk on a tongue” with Chupa Chups.

The tongue was actually a runway, admist an art installation of mirror-polished surrealist sculptures inspired by Chupa Chups’ creative godfather, Salvador Dalì. Nine stunning ready to wear looks melted seamlessly in the walking versions of the art pieces, embellished with embroidered sequins.

Along with Philip Colbert, the showbeast and genius behind the Rodnik Band, and all the Chupa Chups licensing team, Brand Jam was there, so that you can see our gallery of the best of the show.

Both the artwork and the ready-to-wear collection elevate the popular lollipop and logo to sheer art with an ironic twist; the venue – London’s Brand Licensing Europe, was chosen to create a buzz among professionals and marketers of premium labels to do exclusive apparel collections and licensing projects, now already under discussion.