“Here is where the world famous lollipops are born”. The Vanke Shopping Mall, one of the most popular malls in Shanghai, has chosen Chupa Chups to create “Funky Up! The Treasure Factory!”, a Christmas retailteinment event which combines art, colour, brand heritage and fun.

A jawdropping installation celebrates and restores the first Chupa Chups factory, ideally recreated in a funny and coloured key, to appeal Yanke Mall customers during the season from November 22nd of November to January 5th.

This collaboration is born upon the dual anniversary – the 60th of the most famous lollipop in the world, and the 3rd anniversary of the Vanke Mall at Shanghai.

The installation includes a number of entertaining spots, all focused on the “lollipop factory” concept. The Chupa Chups Craft Workshop, is the raw material workshop, where different flavors of fruit sugar puree, are available: different flavors of the original pulp have a color-changing effect projection. Visitors are prompted to prepare customized Chupa Chups products, which will be then shot into an aerial product line and released at the end of the process. Special Chupa Chups items are the gifts that visitors can win chasing Chupa Chups dolls.

A Funky Hippy Treasure Pearl Car takes customer to a fantastic trip to Europe, America, Asia and Africa, as Chupa Chups is popular all over the world, while the largest image kaleidoscope in China has been developed for this occasion.

A special product and gift area offers limited editions of Chupa Chups candy/drinks that are not available on the mainland, only in Japan and South Korea, and licensed items like FILA x Chupa Chups and Nai Xue’s tea.

Visitors can access the Factory purchasing a ticket for 88 CNY, (12 euros). Chupa Chups and Vanke Malls seems to have solved the equation to turn a brand into retailtainment activations: click on the gallery below to get a flavour of it.