Wall's x Asos

It’s definitely FMCG time for fashion collaborations and cobranding. After McDonald’s lifestyle collection, out in high-end retailers such as Coin (in Italy) and Colette(in France), now is the turn of Wall’s ice creams (Unilever UK brand, also known elsewhere as Algida, Langnese, Frigo, Frisko, and many others according to the territories) to show-off pop inspired graphics on fashion pieces created and sold by Asos, the UK based international e-commerce web site selling cutting-edge ‘fast fashion’ and fashion-related content. A pop-vintage mood that this summer will make fashionistas jump back to the past.

The two brands joined in order to create a new kitsch collection of clothes and accessories inspired by some of the most famous vintage ice creams such as Twister, Rocket Iollies, Feasts and Mini Milks.
The line will be launched in the first week of June and it will be made up of 16 pieces consisting of shoes, t-shirts, crop-tops, clutches and phone covers with a price ranging from £8 to £150.

With its bright colours, sequinned fabrics and retro pop art inspired designs, this collection champions co-branding as a way to tell consumers any story according to the brand values and iconography of the partner.