In an increasingly digital world, the magic of analogue is becoming more and more enchanting. At Retrospekt, the Milwaukee company whose mission is “to give consumers a product with years of history that works like it was made yesterday”, this magic is taken so seriously that they make a living from it.

After revamping the good old days of Polaroid instant film camera and having turned it into a legendary product, Retrospekt is continuing to propose limited editions and delicacies for fans, like this new range of products dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Beagle Scouts.

The recurring Peanuts strips theme, where Snoopy plays the boys scout, is born in 1974, and Retrospekt pays it an homage its way, with a full range of products, including an instant film camera, a 35 mm film camera, both with their respective bags, and a portable cassette player.

All items feature a coordinate green, orange and cream colour palette, sporting the Beagle Scout 50th anniversary logo and Snoopy in scout outfit prints. Pre-orders are available on