Adidas launches the new Speedportal football shoe in collaboration with the famous Paramount cartoon Rick and Morty. An operation that combines the most animated series’ sci-fi imagery with the purely more competitive football feature, in a space-time segment where it’s even possible, thanks to the magic shoes, to become the best footballer in the world.

It is the trick – and the story – used by Adidas to advertise, through an animated short film, the launch of the new model, which sees Rick and Morty as protagonists but also internationally renowned footballers such as Lionel Messi, Vivianne Miedema and Mohamed Salah – all reproduced as cartoons in the short clip and in the relevant advertising campaign.

A partnership that is based exclusively on communication and its persuasive power, which, unlike many others, is about not changing the product in its aesthetics. The boot in fact remains integral in its silhouette, taking from the cartoon only its “fetish” color – the fluo green that we see whenever a portal appears; but it is the short film, made on purpose by Rick and Morty’s authors, that manages to enhance the partnership thanks to its being extremely engaging.

A special mention also goes to the implicit use of the brand inclusivity: it is no coincidence that Adidas has chosen a female footballer and one of Egyptian origins. As to rightly point out that it doesn’t really matter about our gender or our origins but, when it comes to football, it’s the talent you have in your feet that’s needed.