More than 1 million dollar: as reported by NY Daily News’ sources, this could be the value of the deal signed by Rihanna to become creative director for Puma.

The buzz in the web some days ago, when the press releases were broadcast, went all about her intagrams and twits, Rihanna with white Puma sneakers, Rihanna x Puma logo, hashtags “calling all b**ches”, “such a f**ing lady”, and so on and so forth. Small details were revealed about her tasks at the German sportswear brands, such as “overseeing” the women ranges, apparel and shoes, with featured co-branded collections hitting the shelves somewhere in 2015, and being the face of Puma advertising campaign from fall 2015.

An official statement by Bjorm Gulden, Puma’ CEO read that “Signing Rihanna is a fantastic step for Puma. Her global profile, her charisma and individuality, her ambition – all these things make her a perfect ambassador for our brand. With a strong portfolio in football, running and motorsport, finding an inspiring partner for women’s training was very important. Rihanna was a natural choice for us.”

Rihanna, from her side, is clearly more and more focused on her brand values and attitude. “It’s not all down to my voice,” Rihanna told British Vogue in February. “There’s people with way more talent than I when it comes to singing; bigger voices. But people want to know who you are. Fashion is a clear indication, a way to express your attitude, your mood”

So, while a team is being developed at Puma to help and coordinate Rihanna’s directions and sort out the technical, design and manufacturing issues, both partners are communicating the soft parts of the deal, aimed to add a lifestyle magic to the brand and fill the fashion gap between Puma and the competitor Adidas.