In an online gaming platform like Roblox, the luxury brand Gucci and the famous streetwear brand Vans combine their existing worlds and launch a digital challenge to the members of the community with a treasure hunt, which will end on May 13th.

The goal of this challenge is to find all the fabrics and models, going through and overcoming the challenges of the respective worlds, “Gucci Town” and “Vans World”. Only after collecting all the models, the player will be able to collect in each universe the new skins to wear on their avatar, including sneakers, accessories, and skateboard backpacks.

Gucci Town was born as a digital entertainment place that has already hosted the avatars of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Jack Grealish, while Vans World aims to merge the universe of skateboarding and fashion allowing players to express their creativity by customizing their avatars.

In these worlds, dynamic and immersive spaces, the two brands have found a creative way of communicating with each other and with their digital communities, right after working together on the project in the physical dimension “Continuum” of Gucci Vault, in which they redesigned the iconic models of the streetwear brand Vans.