Rowing Blazers is a brand and design studio created by archaeologist, author, and U.S. national rowing team alum Jack Carlson. Based in New York, the brand is known for its colorful, slightly subversive take on the classics, as well as its cult following and limited-edition collaborations. Winnie the Pooh, FILA, Gucci Vault, Babar are just a few icons the brand has collaborated with in the last seasons.

Rowing Blazers has just presented TAG Heuer Rowing Blazers x Bamford “Yacht-Timer” Carrera, a new limited edition in collaboration with Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer and Bamford Watch Department, leading company in customised luxury timepieces.

Inspired by the vintage Yacht-Timer models used during regattas in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Rowing Blazers and Bamford have created a colourful and unique Tag Heuer Carrera displaying red, green and blue in the main dials and a hint of yellow in the hands reflecting Rowing Blazers unique personality.

Limited to just 99 units, TAG Heuer Rowing Blazers is sold at a 11,600 dollars, available next month.