Samsonite is the global reference for travel goods with a reputation for its well built, well designed and long lasting products.

So when it comes to emphasise durability and resistance to more and more demanding consumers, Samsonite needs some “ultimate” ingredients. Those were easily found with Dupont’s Kevlar, the same material Dupont created during World War II, now used not only for military purposes in bulletproof vests but also for workwear or special off-road and race tires.

The new Samsonite SXK line includes five pieces for the a breed of businessmen – a duffel, a messenger bag and 3 backbacks, all made from fabric reinforced with Kevlar fibers and designed with the organizational and security features which are the standard at Samsonite.

This collaboration marks also the first stage of the new B2C marketing approach at Dupont, which after decades in engineering and manufacturing innovative fibers and materials in the B2B business, has just opened a new consumer division to enhance the perception of its brands, like Kevlar, Tyvek, Corian, to the end consumers.