Chupa Chups®, the sweetest pop brand in the world, and Shoesy, an Italian company which specializes in footwear, just announced a licensing deal which will deliver Italy’s first “life less serious” footwear range in the Italian territory.

The announcement comes just before the kick off of the 80th edition of Micam – the international trade fair where Shoesy will premiere the Chupa Chups® collection.

The range is a deep and colorful ensemble of flip flops, sneakers, slip-ons and espadrilles, due to hit shelves in spring/summer 2016. Thanks to Chupa Chups® cross-generational appeal, the collection is targeted at girls, young women, kids and men.

Manufacturing of Shoesy’s Italian designs is sourced from Spain, both to maintain high quality standards…and in homage to the globally famous lollipop’s homeland.

This deal is another brick in the worldwide success of the Chupa Chups® licensing program: a success that has led  Perfetti Van Melle, the trademark owners, to start a dedicated global project to extend the Mentos brand.