Special treatments like Shoeller Technologies’ NanoSphere and Coldblack finish  are among the key features that make Spidi Denim stand out, but sure enough there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Spidi, the racing gear brand used by racers like Andrea Dovizioso and revered by bikers around the world, has taken its first steps into the fashion arena, extending Spidi via a bold high-tech range of premium denim.

Project managers at Spidi wanted a range that would break the mould, “offering customer a faithful and long-lasting object of design, through every season of the year”. Designed by Italian denim-expert Maurizio Zaupa and tested over two years by Spidi’s experienced engineering team, every Spidi Denim product is engineered to perform best in wet weather, whether walking, running and…oh yes, riding a bike in the rain.

In particular, NanoSphere is used to give the Pima cotton fabric waterproof performance while retaining the washability of classical denim. Coldblack finishing absorbs the sun’s rays so that even black denim never gets baking hot in summer. But many other features enrich the project, like special crotch-seams and deep, high-resistance pockets (where your iPhone 6 can comfortably rest), reflecting selvedge, and knee reinforcements.

Distributed via the leading denim / fashion stores in Europe (the range recently debuted at Present London) and Japan, the premium denim range retails at 140 to 180 euro.

It’s a first collection with a strong story to tell: one that future extensions of jackets and accessories can surely add to.