Sprayground, the US brand known for its sharky smiling, radically innovative backpacks, accessories, and -lately- apparel, has a mission of catering thought-provoking products to a fanbase “that will go to extreme measures to get their hands on the brand’s highly sought after limited designs”, according to the brand’s official profile.

Sprayground limited editions quote any kind of pop culture reference, from movie to comics, from celebrities to manga, and this latest launch is no exception. Sprayground x Miami Vice is a sheer celebration of the ‘80s, featuring three backpacks, two hoodies and one t-shirt, plus a hero product: a cellphone backpack, inspired to those first chunky portable phones with antenna, that will get the fans crazy.

The video and all the imagery created to support the range on Sprayground website and social media profiles is an orgy of pastel colours and 80s aesthetics, reimagined with a contemporary taste in shooting and modeling.

The range has just dropped on Sprayground e-store, in limited edition.