Among the number of collaborative launches celebrating 100 Years of Disney, the one with Steinway & Sons is undoubtedly an unusual one.
Created to showcasing the evolution, innovation and artistry of the past century, the collaboration unites the two historic companies together for the first time on a limited edition of 25 grand pianos.

Each of the 25 will be hand painted, following a vibrant artwork based on a colourful interpretation of Micky Mouse, created by acclaimed Italian artist Elena Salmistraro, who endowed her artistic expression to this unique project.

“I’ve been inspired by Mickey Mouse’s lively character, curiosity and joy since I was little,” says Salmistraro. “The piano’s white background represents the sketch board that Mickey Mouse was originally created on years ago while rich and colorful tones give energy to his iconic characteristics. The blue gradient represents the movement of music around him, brought together through the gold rivers to create a symphony of sound.”

The collaboration was unveiled on October 17 on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”, while to add an extra touch of Disney magic to the launch events, leading global pianist, Disney fan and Steinway artist Lang Lang performed in New York City playing the Steinway x Disney

The price of one Steinway x Disney: Mickey Mouse Limited Edition pianos has not been officially disclosed, but available upon request to be addressed directly to Steinway & Sons.