Stella McCartney launches an exclusive collection in collaboration with Disney, bringing back to life one of the most beloved animated films of all time: Disney Fantasia.

The capsule collection – as stated by the London brand – aims to be a playful escape, an immersion in a carefree and colorful world, made legendary in the collective imagery thanks to immortal characters such as Mickey Sorcerer. The graphics depict, in fact, the characters in a comics/cartoons style, purely pop and even “psychedelic” in some heads.

The drop is composed of unisex clothes, such as knitwear, dresses, shirts, t-shirts, shorts, with the addition of various accessories. A complete wardrobe particularly focused on the use of prints, which are taken from the historical posters of the US multinational company and transported on silk recovered from old stocks. As for every collection, sustainability remains the main theme of the brand’s creative process (which has established itself thanks to the innovation of its eco-sustainable proposals), presenting on this occasion organic cotton denim garments and recycled nylon backpacks, as well as sneakers and sandals in bio-based materials.

The union of the two creative realities is thus sanctioned thanks to the shared love for nature and the environment, but also for the reasonable need of lightness and vivacity, with childish and, why not, even fantastic features.