Omega and Swatch are at it again and, after the 2022 collaboration, Swatch is launching a new MoonSwatch, Mission to the Moon 2023 model.

At the heart of this new launch is the same idea of creating collaborations between luxury and pop brands, and innovative products that combine the best of both worlds, which seemed convincing in terms of image return for last year’s predecessor.

In terms of materials, this model is still made of Bioceramic, a unique blend of two-thirds ceramic and one-third material derived from castor oil, but a new feature has been added in the seconds hand, which is coated in Moonshine Gold, a special gold alloy created by Swatch, the production of which took place only during the night of the full moon in February, as certified in every box.

Other news on the commercial front. The launch is scheduled for today, 7 March, in only four cities worldwide, and only in physical Swatch stores. Despite the fact that this is admittedly not a limited edition, new queues are expected in front of shops in Zurich, Tokyo, London and Milan, the only places where enthusiasts and fans can try to buy one of these watches.

The cost? The new watch with gold alloy hand costs only 25 euros more than the other MoonSwatches: 285 euros.