Tag Heuer jumps into a new adventure with Netflix, relying on Ryan Gosling for the release of the new blockbuster “The Gray Man”. The Swiss luxury watch company collaborates with Netflix for the new campaign of the Carrera model, which sees the Canadian actor, protagonist of the shooting, wearing the iconic watch during the entire film; becoming in fact the highest global brand ambassador of the historic watchmaking house.

A perfect opportunity to add another captivating detail to the Russo brothers’ film, but also to celebrate Gosling’s return on the big screen, who’s never been a brand testimonial before.

The film’s choice, of course, is not accidental: the sporting spirit of Tag Heuer represents and fully enhances the characteristics of the protagonist Sierra Six, a reckless secret agent with a dark past, who will be unwittingly involved in a delicate matter of espionage.

Tag Heuer announced his presence in the Netflix movie at the same time as the film arrived in selected theaters, releasing, on the official website, a short film’s clips, where the clock passes some “crash tests”. A strategy to emphasize the watch performance, able to exceed all kinds of challenges, and officially becoming “the only watch that can keep up with The Gray Man”.