FIFA 23, the famous football video game developed by EA Sports, is ready to welcome, in its latest version, Ted Lasso and his AFC Richmond. Thanks to a partnership with Apple TV, Apple’s streaming platform, the “Ted Lasso” TV series’s protagonists will enter the gaming world, joining already licensed players and teams to perform as a real FIFA team.

The partnership is the result of the series’s great success, starring Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso on the screen), an American football coach hired by an English Premier League team (the AFC Richmond), without having any knowledge of football.

The main goal of this collaboration is to reach a wider audience, in particular the American one, which the successful video game series, loved throughout Europe, has never managed to fully reach and conquer. So, the TV series becomes a pretext to expand its fandom to the occasional gaming.

Some actors, the most representative of the series, have been added with their real features, replicated thanks to a special facial scan. EA worked on the animations and expressions of AFC Richmond members to make them more consistent with the series.
At the moment we know that some players are not currently present with their actor’s faces and that they will most likely take over as the series, which will soon reach its third season, continues.