As we noticed in our latest issue of The Brand Jam Mag, no branch of popular culture has been more effective at growing its consumer products footprint than music.

From our point of observation is clear how licensing business is taking advantage of that. Previous basic merchandiser like Bravado (part of Universal Music group) have morphed into dream factories – using sophisticated, experiential platforms to command premium prices and lay foundations for downstream business.

The Beatles, thanks to the50th storytelling anniversary celebration of Sgt. Pepper’s is no exception, and from US a case study confirms this trend. On November 2017, Alice + Olivia launched a high class fashion collection for women, which we noticed for its freshness and artsy approach, opposed to what the world has always seen represented – a logo on a black t-shirt.

A couple of months ahead, Target and Junk Food, the American apparel brand, take turn in a more democratic version of The Beatles aesthetic, with a comprehensive collection of apparel and accessories.

Junk Food x Target The Beatles collection is an extensive range of 56 items, 44 apparel -from t-shirts, skirts, jackets, pants, and 12 accessories, with different treatments to appeal not only men and women but all target ages down to kids, toddler and infant.

Displayed in corners exclusively at the 1,800 Target’s American stores since last week, the collection is an amazing example of how a licensed music brand, although so iconic, can be pushed forward and enhance consumer products way beyond a fan merchandising approach.