Mango Man, the menswear label of the Spanish retailer, is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a special collection of tailored jackets designed with the Italian brand Boglioli.

Mango Man follows a straight strategy, occupying a niche in the market by positioning as a global brand with unique design, which through technology has become a pioneer in incorporating technical properties within its garments. With a record turnover in 2023 expected to exceed 325 million euros, and 560 stores in 90 markets all over the world, Mango Man treats itself for its anniversary with its first collaboration, one that puts quality center and front.

The commitment on quality and tailoring is being reaffirmed in the “Mango designed by Boglioli” collection, which combines the tradition and craftsmanship of the emblematic Italian brand with the contemporary character of Barcelona.
This meticulously crafted collection has been developed taking tailoring to its most versatile expression, reinventing the iconic Boglioli blazer with eight items that embody the shared passion of the two brands, and are named after Italian cities: Cremona, Lodi, Milano, Mantova, Brescia, Como, Monza and Lecco.

The priority has been to work with Italian fabrics and European workshops. As for the materials, flannel and wool-knit form part of the majority of the proposals in the collection. Prices are slightly premium, if compared with a standard Mango Man jacket (299,99€ vs. 249,99€9), but far less than an entry-price Boglioli blazer (780€), in the wake of the democratic collaborations “luxury to mainstream”.
Mango designed by Boglioli range is sold at and in selected stores in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States.