“Fashion is fun” says the creator of GCDS Giuliano Calza, fresh from his fashion show at Milan Fashion Week, where he and his brother Giordano presented the evolution of the brand from streetwear paradigm to a fashion brand with a pop drift.

Focused on “K-Hawaii”, a neologism created by the brand to define the mix between kawai – the Japanese cute – and tropical tones and colors, the spring-summer 2020 collection showcased to buyers and the press borrows an amazing Jurassic Park setting , while literally plunders the world of entertainment licensing.

In addition to the gigantic T-Rex and the music from the original soundtrack, Jurassic Park is the undisputed protagonist of the show and of the collection, with the logo widely used on clothing, bikinis and accessories.

But Spielberg’s film is not GCDS’s only foray into the world of entertainment licensing: even Hello Kitty and Care Bears in pop version are included in the manga and multicolored collection.

The evolution of GCDS seems to take the same route to pop culture, like the other character-addicted creative director Jeremy Scott, a power user of licensed pop icons.

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