“Style reinterpreted from periods we love in fashion, pop culture, art, music, film and print”. This is Marc Jacob’s brand vision about the just launched democratic label “The Marc Jacobs”, which takes over “Marc by Marc Jacobs”, and will be using collaborations as a strategic platform.

A sign of the time, where the “same-name-but-less-expensive” second labels evolve in containers of remarkable products; a new branding system born to appeal the new generations looking for experiences rather than purchases.

“The Marc Jacobs” is a celebration of personal style, genderless and contemporary, which is set to use frequent and varied collaborations and licensed capsule collections inside the whole range, to support a strong storytelling proposition.

The first slot includes “New York Magazine x Marc Jacobs”, an homage to an iconic brand and symbol of Marc Jacobs’ roots, which interprets Milton Glaser’s New York Magazine logo on t-shirts, bags, and other accessories.

Another part of the collection is inspired to the shootings by Juergen Teller, the renowned photographer who left his footprint on the label through a number of print advertising.
In the pop culture ecosystem of The Marc Jacobs there is a special space for Peanuts also, a mainstream licensed character overused especially on apparel and accessories.

Here Peanuts are used here in a less obvious way, with early strips excerpts, and a story which backs the choice, upon about Marc being “a fan of the comic strip ever since his babysitter gave him a stuffed Snoopy at age 6”. The personalized homage to an early reference fits into the pop culture reinterpretation the brand wish to deliver with The Marc Jacobs label.

More collaborations will follow, as Marc Jacobs declared to WWD some months ago before this launch.

Stay tuned.