Adidas and Liam Gallagher are back together after a first partnership in 2019, creating a new Adidas Spezial model, called LG2 SPZL. A sneaker that wants to emphasize the long-standing relationship of music with sportswear, also combining the “daddy look” vibe with the more youthful aspect of the English clubs’ subculture.

A collaboration born to go definitely sold out in a few hours and that sees the Oasis’ former frontman face printed on the tongue of the shoe, under the writing “endorsed by Liam Gallagher”, with the clear intent to pay homage to the Mancunian artist but also to adapt one of the most beloved models of the German brand.

Announced during a concert at King George’s hall in Blackburn, the shoe will be on sale worldwide from July 22. Perfect timing to may say: “Step outside, summertime’s in bloom”.