Brand Jam’s Halo Licensing Survey is the only comprehensive survey of the global licensed collaborations scene. Hot off the press, here is a quick summary of the Q2/2021 report. Be sure to find out how to subscribe to the service using our promo offer (details below).

Subscribers have just received the Q2/ 2021 report of Halo Licensing Survey, with links to an astonishing 640 cobranding campaign activations. The numbers are staggering – equating to 9 campaigns per day throughout the period – but the confluence of recent high activity levels and rebounding retail confidence means they are not necessarily surprising.

Two of the most dominant narratives in this quarter were Pride and Earth month – giving many brands a strong context for storytelling. Surprisingly, neither was particularly obvious among our survey base, with an exception being the number of collaborations with LGBT artists and equality organisations, as brands clamour for alternatives to formulaic rainbow-flag colour schemes.

The three major entertainment groupings – celebrities, characters and movies – were less buoyant, saved only by Space Jam, whose eye-popping retail programme was in the throes of rolling out during the period’s closing weeks – close to the movie’s release date. July and August will show whether anticipation is a more powerful driver than acceptance, with possible lessons for future campaign timing to be learned.

Consumer brands again proved itself the dominant category in the newest report: regaining recent lost ground to lead every other classification by more than 70%. The group achieved this result even without accounting for Coca-Cola’s roster of 25+ brands for its Hilltop commercial anniversary. If Coke seemed a little self-absorbed, they were easily outdone by a raft of other beverage brands, whose stiffly orchestrated – mostly paid – campaigns seldom do much to boost belief in their authenticity.

In contrast, Miller Lite earned a special Halo this quarter for its witty, attention-grabbing “Shoezie” collaboration with New Balance. Miller, like Gatorade, showed once again how tangible products are a form of cultural currency that conventional content often fails to match. Meanwhile, Dom Pérignon’s campaign with Lady Gaga managed to combine both with astonishing virtuosity.

As well as linking to all 640 campaigns, the Q2/2021 Halo Licensing Survey takes a closer look at the period’s most interesting and original campaigns. For subscribers it not only gives a handy reference to the state of the market, but a set of real-world case studies to inspire customers, suppliers and colleagues.

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