Young unisex fashion lovers have a new collection to draw on. Aries, the genderless brand focused on luxury streetwear with a distinctly Made in Italy feel and style, and with clear references to outsider art, graphics and illustrations has teamed up with YOOX for an exclusive capsule collection dedicated to the new generation of streetwear lovers.

They Arise is the name of the collection, where pronoun “they” stands for inclusivity and underlines the importance of genderless fashion and for everyone.

Aries x YOOX  campaign in fact showcases siblings, friends and heterogeneous couples share the same wardrobe, exchanging garments and accessories and demonstrating that gender, in fashion, is not a barrier.

Consisting of 11 pieces, including accessories such as baseball caps and sportswear, the capsule is characterised by a mix-and-match of silhouettes and cuts that make each combination fluid and dynamic.