The Japanese professional baseball team Yomiuri Giants, also known as the Tokyo Giants, celebrates its 90th birthday by giving itself a new logo that it had Tiffany & Co. design.

The new logo combines Tiffany’s heritage of design and quality manufacturing with the tradition of sports trophies. Indeed, not everyone knows that Tiffany & Co. created the New York Yankees’ ‘NY’ logo in 1877, in addition to the fact that it has been producing more than 100 different sports trophies each year for almost 200 years.

Seventy years after its launch, the Tokyo Giants logo is being revised by Tiffany & Co. in two versions: TG used away from home, and YG for home leagues.

With this collaboration, Tiffany & Co. reconfirms its role as a pop cultural reference, a champion of ‘collaborations’ with strong value roots, more credible and appreciable in this case than the extremes of Pokémon or Bored Ape Yacht Club.