From the observatory of Brand Jam’s latest Halo Licensing Survey, a sensitive growth of Anime and Manga launches of global collaborations is one of the constant evidences of the latest quarterly reports.

Inspirations from Japanese aesthetics are becoming a staple not only on the fashion streetwear scene, like seen on GCDS x One Piece, or Naruto x Champion, but also mainstream retailers cases, like Bershka with Attack on Titan which parallels the recent My Hero Academia at Uniqlo. And other categories are following suit, using classic characters like Gundam, such as Casio G Shock and Asus.

What’s behind this irresistible ascent of mangas? We asked a couple of the major manga anime IP owners gathered at Milano Licensing Day in September and more recently at Milano Games Week in November, to be confirmed that the growth is tangible. Not only the number of partners showing interest on the deep catalogs of manga anime licensing managers has grown more and more in the last season, but the word “hype” has in fact been used to describe the recent business created by a couple of manga series.

The manufacturers agree. We asked Giorgio Borzino, CEO of Sabor, one of the most dynamic Italian apparel manufacturer with a robust experience in licensing. “We are looking with great interest since the last couple of seasons at the manga – anime scene, especially for our fast fashion clients. We saw it coming especially from the US market, when in Europe we still see it is at its first stages. More and more mangas are registered among the top 10 selling titles in the major European publishing markets, and we believe that Netflix will boost the global growth, especially on 15-30 years target.”

The buzz has been in fact already ignited around the upcoming live action Netflix production of One Piece, but the trend also includes older series like Lupin the 3rd, Captain Subasa, or Creamy Mami, thanks to the nostalgia trend which revamps icons from the 80’s and 90’s, expanding in this case the reach of Japanese contents to adults and women.

A push which will generate the interesting business that the specialists see ahead.