LucasFilms has just issued a press release announcing a partnership with Dairy Farmers of America.

According to the release, Star Wars Blue Milk, the ‘blue milk’ that first appeared in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, will soon be available on shelves for all Star Wars fans, at least American ones.

TruMoo, a low-fat vanilla milk, coloured blue with food colours, will be available on the American shelves from 17 April, produced and distributed by Disney licensee Dairy Farmer of America.

This is not a first for Disney. Those who frequent Disneyland or Walt Disney World have already had the opportunity to try a glass of ‘blue milk’ in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area. Actually, it is a milkshake, also available in a green variant, which refers to the green milk that Skywalker drinks in The Last Jedi.

It is, however, the first time that a product for avid fans has left the experiential sphere of the Park, to be distributed in the mass market.