Tumi launches a limited edition in collaboration with Razer, an American-Singaporean company among the leaders in the development and sale of electronic devices. A partnership that unites the – not too much – “old school” world of luxury luggage with the most avant-garde gamer technology in 4 travel items, each limited to 1,337 pieces.

A number without any sense to many people, but that for gamers it is worth as much as a qualification, because in the gaming jargon the number is read as “Leet”, synonym of “elite”, which is used by athletes and players to describe the most “skilled” individuals, the best ones.

The collaboration, released on June 6, offers a 15-inch laptop cover, a Finch backpack, the all-in-one Bozeman bag for storing cables, gaming tools and laptops and also the international 4-wheeled carry-on luggage, which features the classic 19 degree lines of Tumi.

Tumi explicitly winks at the gaming universe, looking for a space among the desires of the so-called “gamers of the future”. A cluster that until a few years ago seemed far away but today, for loyalty and purchasing power, seems to be a promising future.