Louis Vuitton may still miss the creative flair of the late Virgil Abloh when it comes to menswear, but in terms of disruptive approach to branding through powerful narrative, the label remains safe in the hands of Pharrell Williams and his ultra-creative club of friends.

Shortly after announcing a collaboration with his friend Tyler the Creator, ex-skater, rapper, producer and creative director of his own brand Golf Wang, the news went viral, reaching not only the fashionistas’ channels but also the general media, demonstrating the brand’s (or its creative director’s) power to create buzz.

Tyler the Creator comes from the same background as Pharrell Williams – two artists with a creative vision that transcends the technical (Pharrell Williams can’t read music), who have extended their success and visibility from the music scene by creating their own streetwear brand (Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club pairs with Tyler’s Golf Wang) and consulting the fashion industry as creative directors.

“I wanted to mix my style and Louis Vuitton’s codes in a way that felt slightly whimsical, but could still be worn to the petrol station on a Tuesday,” Tyler says candidly on his Instagram profile, introducing his collaboration with Pharrell, which includes a completely reworked hand-drawn version of the Louis Vuitton monogram.
The fashion experts declared a few months ago that “Quiet Luxury” had replaced Alessandro Michele’s maximalism and the ubiquitous urge for streetwear style, but nobody at Louis Vuitton seems to care.