The Wayne Enterprise now also exists outside the DC comics and the blockbuster films, and it collaborates with Uncrate platform for the launch of a capsule collection inspired by the fictional character of Bruce Wayne, the Gotham city’s wealthy philanthropist who hides under Batman’s mask.

For the occasion, his company (the Wayne Enterprise, property created by Warner Bros) becomes a real lifestyle label launched exclusively on Uncrate, the e-commerce-guide that aims to outline the lifestyle for men, in collaboration with selected brands.

“Our guiding motto is that this is something that Wayne Enterprises would put out to make Batman a better Batman,” said Robert Oberschelp, Warner Bros. Consumer Products SVP Global Franchise Management,

Warner Bros. e Uncrate proposed a wide range of articles, from boots to gym items, sunglasses, jeans and creams, which reflect the aesthetics of Gotham’s Paladine but also his luxurious lifestyle – although they assure us that the price range starts from $ 55, even though it reaches $ 4,500. Among the brands that take part in the collaboration there are Danner and Kevlar, Imogene + Willie, Rogue Territory and Barton Perreira and Kross Studio, already known to DC fans for its expensive Batman themed watch.