Some weeks ago we announced the launch of the HALO LICENSING SURVEY Q1-2018, our new subscription-only publication from Brand Jam’s new research department that aims to provide movers and shakers in the licensing world with a comprehensive and insightful look into the current halo licensing landscape. Seeing how our avid fans responded with requests of information, here we go again with a sampling.

Reaching far beyond the highlights featured weekly on Brand Jam, this new report serves those who absolutely need to know what’s going on – providing a complete picture of who’s been dating who in the licensing space worldwide, and how their creative offspring performed.

Subscribers to the new report can use it to identify potential partners, inspire creativity in design and communications, and to be up-to-date on developments in a way that has never been possible before. We put in the hours to know what’s going on, so why should you?

The release of this first edition of the HALO LICENSING SURVEY marks the beginning of a new, subscription-only market intelligence service, which we are offering first to loyal Brand Jam readers at a special, early bird rate. Find more details on how to subscribe below.

So what’s inside?

INSIGHTS – Moschino’s Betty Boop collaboration was widely toasted in the licensing media, but how did the wider market react? BRAND JAM LAB unpacks the a selection of the quarter’s most talked-about campaigns and analyses their performance, both in media – editorial and social – and in store.

MONITORING – what are your competitors up to? Which brands are using licensed properties to tell stories and be remarkable? Why wait until the next big show to find out? The current issue of HALO LICENSING SURVEY classifies and links to more than 140 campaigns released or announced around the world over the course of the last quarter.

HIGHLIGHTS – we single out remarkable campaigns that set standards and turned heads with outstanding creativity in concept, design or storytelling.

TAKEAWAYS – what innovations and trends are shaping how properties and brands are collaborating to generate attention, engagement and sales?

Market research is one of the most time-consuming activities you face – and one of the easiest to fall behind on. We all know the benefit of being able to tell clients and teams exactly what’s going on, and many of us have discovered the cost of not knowing. Let BRAND JAM LAB do the hard yards, so that you don’t have to.

The HALO LICENSING SURVEY is a quarterly brand innovation report available exclusively to subscribers at a special early bird rate of €950 per year. That’s four reports, providing links and insights for more than six hundred campaigns per year available to users who confirm their subscription before 31 July 2018.

If you never want to be out of the loop again, be sure to register below for ordering details and a redacted preview copy.